Since moving on from Mae Mut, we have built and moved into a container house on the outskirts of Chiang Rai, where we currently spend most of our time, to enable a semblance of regular social life for Serena, for at least the next few years.

This interim period of a few years will give us plenty of time to develop the two new projects we have started working on since last year. It is exciting to start something new again, especially from the base of our previous experiences.

The place in Mae Mut, only a few hundred metres from the old Mae Mut Garden, is designed with a small community in mind, it is not where we will live, but we hope to attract some long-term residents who want to be relatively close to Chiang Mai, but still enjoy a degree of freedom and the amazing views.

Phusang is in a more remote location, close to the Laos border at Baan Huak, on the outskirts on Nok’s family village.

It is where we plan to move, at least part-time at first, as soon as Serena’s life takes an independent turn, whatever form that will take. We often spend a day or two working there at weekends, when Serena can spend time with her friends in the village, sometimes they all come to the garden to help out.

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