Is Bitcoin permaculture?

BTC and The Twelve Principles.

The answer is of course yes. Bitcoin embodies the ideals of permaculture and its foundations are totally compatible with the principles originally laid out by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.

What does bitcoin stand for and how its characteristics apply to the permaculture principles

Bitcoin appeared around the time of the Great Financial crisis of 2008/9 which was followed by unprecedented (at the time!) monetary expansion and has subsequently become the hardest form of money and store of value. #1 Observe and interact

Bitcoin stands for a more equitable financial system, in which the fruits of the application of effort and energy and the value that is generated are not constantly diluted by an uncontrolled expansion of the money supply, which inevitably favours a small minority of financial operators, the Cantillon effect. #2 Catch and store energy #3 Obtain a yield

By being deflationary in nature, bitcoin allows for the benefits of technological advancements to show up as lower prices for everyday goods, while at the same time incentivising a saving mindset as opposed to one of consumption. This deflationary aspect is in direct relation to the principles of #4 Apply self regulation and feedback and #6 Produce no waste.

Being decentralized, Bitcoin mining is able to take advantage of marginal electricity production which would otherwise go unused, and this flexibility means that mining will go where energy is cheapest, #5 Use and value renewables #6 Produce no waste, #11 Use edges and value the marginal.

Bitcoin is a truly unique bottom up phenomenon, where the originator of the white paper retreated in the shadows once the project was up and running, claimed no ownership or right to a controlling influence and allowed for an organic ecosystem to grow on and develop. #7 Design from pattern to details 9#Use small and slow solutions

Being permissionless Bitcoin offers an opportunity to store wealth to all those who are excluded from the ordinary channels of centralized finance, whether they are an African small farmer, an Asian labourer a South American single mother or an artist or musician #8 Integrate don’t segregate #10 Use and value diversity, #11 Use edges and value the marginal.

Bitcoin being decentralized means that its price is one of the only remaining true price signals in today’s economy that are not manipulated by central banks and financial operators, therefore enabling anyone to #12 Creatively use and respond to change.

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